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Crescendas has invested in Osteopore International, a Singapore-based company whose proprietary technologies allow for tissue and organ regeneration by using 3-D interwoven bio-resorbable scaffolds. The company designs, develops and markets the bio-resorbable polymer implants for neurosurgical, orthopaedic and maxillofacial surgical use.

The advantages of using biodegradable polymer lie in its compatibility with cell tissue, durability, easy assimilation and slow degradation properties. It is load bearing and can easily be shaped to suit various applications.

In patients with head injuries and requiring surgical repair to their damaged skulls, Osteopore's scaffold or implant allows for good bone healing, provides adequate mechanical support and maintains the shape of the skull without any problem.

Approved by the FDA for crainofacial applications, Osteopore's products also conform to various standards such as for sterilisation (ISO11137-1), packaging(ISO11607), quality systems (ISO13485/FDA QSR820/HSA OMDR), cleanroom (ISO14644-1) and biocompatibility(ISO10993).

Visit: www.osteopore.com

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