Singnergy is a company that specializes in Energy Efficient sludge drying solutions, owning several patents in this area. We develop, design and manufacture innovative sludge drying systems to address the growing concerns of sludge waste from industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants, which urgently need new technologies to reduce sludge volume, reduce pollution or turn sludge waste into bi-products or renewable energy products.

Our sludge drying solutions rank amongst the most energy efficient systems available today, saving more than 35% energy compared to typical thermal drying processes. Other advantages include smaller foot print, flexibility in handling various types and conditions of sludge, ability to produce a wide range of product requirements and adapt to various types of energy or fuel sources, saving both space and energy.

Apart from selling and leasing sludge drying equipment, Singnergy also provides sludge drying services at customers' premises.

Visit to learn more about our energy efficient sludge drying solution. For enquiries, please call (65) 6692 6887 or email

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